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Pork Stars: 7 Indulgent Pork Recipes for Winter

Get some pork on your fork, with seven indulgent pork recipes for winter, including slow-braised Chinese pork belly, crispy skinned pork and crunchy pork patties.

Braised pork belly Mao style

Slow and steady wins the race with this Mao-style braised pork belly, fragrant with star anise, ginger and spring onions, and layered with a multitude of Chinese sauces and seasonings.

Braised Pork Belly Mao Style Recipe

Roast pork belly

Inspired by the hunks of crisp-skinned pork you’ll find in Chinese eateries, this roasted pork belly promises the one-two winning combination of crunchy, glass-like crackling and tender, juicy meat.

Roasted Pork Belly Recipe

Vietnamese-style braised pork

Coconut juice and soda water are the surprising ingredients in this Vietnamese-style braised pork, flavoured with soy, fish sauce and garlic, and served with hard-boiled eggs.

Vietnamese-style Braised Pork - 10 tips to plan your asian meal

Double-cooked pork

We double dare you to try this double-cooked pork. For this Szechuan-inspired main course, the pork is first boiled, then sautéed, resulting in impossibly tender, sticky meat.

Double cooked pork recipe

Dong po pork

Tease your neighbours with the scent of cinnamon, star anise and ginger as you slowly braise this stunning dong po pork dish.

Dong Po Pork

Crunchy pork patties

Prawn and pork combine in one tasty little package in this crunchy pork patties, coated in panko breadcrumbs and served with sweet and sour sauce.

Crunchy Pork Patties

Daeji bulgogi

Turn up the heat with this Korean chilli pork recipe, a slow-braised sensation of tender pork belly or neck with garlic, ginger and the Korean double-whammy of kochujang (chill paste) and kochugaru (chilli powder).

Delicious Ways to Eat Pork this Chinese New Year

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