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Popular BBQ dishes to spice up Australia Day

It’s Australia Day! Time to do away with all things mild and mellow, and bring out those barbecue tongs. Set up some grills by the poolside and get ready for a sizzling holiday.

Asian Inspirations presents to you some lip-smacking BBQ dishes for you to experiment with on Australia Day.

Vegetarian Yellow Curry BBQ Skewers

Vegetarian Yellow Curry BBQ Skewers

A favourite among all those wishing to go veggie this time around, here is a Thai delicacy that will make a superb addition to your platter. Colourful, healthy vegetables dunked in authentic Asian flavour is the way to go, so here’s a simple recipe for you.

Pad Thai BBQ Butterfly Chicken

Pad Thai BBQ Butterfly Chicken

This dish is as delicious as it look.s. Oozing flavour from the very first bite, Pad Thai BBQ is supremely delicious. Try mastering it with our recipe.

BBQ pork & vermicelli salad

BBQ Pork Vermicelli Salad

The smell of fiery pork is tantalising on any day. On a pleasant, sunny day beside with friends and family, BBQ pork is pretty much the only dish people will look forward to, even if there’s chicken getting roasted in the oven. So, mesmerise your guests with your own version of BBQ pork, tossed around in a healthy salad! Here’s a recipe which will help you greatly.

BBQ sweet chilli seafood with lemon grass

BBQ sweet chilli seafood with lemon grass

Lemon grass, an ingredient native to Asia, is what makes this BBQ stand out from the rest. Seafood enriches the dish, giving it that zesty punch, packing the platter with authentic flavour. Your guests deserve a good BBQ, so we’re here to give you the best recipe!

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