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Plating Tips for Asian Dishes

In Asian cuisine, visual presentation is as much a part of the dining experience as the taste of the food itself. Painstaking planning is often taken to ensure each dish not only tastes good but is also a feast for the eyes. Here are some tips to help you get that plating right:



The smaller the portion, the easier it is to play with. The key is to create compact, elegant servings.

small portion asian beef

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ooi used under the Creative Commons Licence ©



Spruce up your plate with vibrant hues. Asian greens like Bok Coy, Choy Sum and Kai Lan can add vibrant greens to a dish. Chillies and capsicums can be used to add bright reds for contrast. Just make sure that your chillies aren’t spicy or they will change the flavour of your dish.

vibrant coloured asian dish

Photo courtesy of jeffreyw used under the Creative Commons Licence ©



Stack slabs of protein over starches into a tight pyramid for the wow factor. Keep the shapes neat and wipe off any spills with a clean cloth.




Opt for neutral china and if you must have a design, make sure the motifs are on the borders. However if plating is not your strongest skill, there are plenty of beautifully patterned dishes that you can use.

spring rolls

Photo courtesy of Jennifer used under the Creative Commons Licence ©



Use your food to make an impression and show off your creative flair. Have a picture of how you want to present your dish in your mind before you execute it.

Be Artistic



Repetition is an easy way of creating a picture. Lay identical pieces side by side to form different patterns to add visual interest.




Use garnish to enhance your dish, but not overpower it. Make sure that the garnish matches the ingredients and flavours of the dish. For example, spring onions tend to go well with spicy salty flavours.


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