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Pint-sized Perfection: Mini Korean Canapes

Korea continues to be one of the hottest culinary trends in Austraila, so give your next event a cool Korean spin by showcasing these bite-sized versions of classic Korean recipes.

Korea’s answer to sushi

Sushi has long been one of our go-to recipes for summer entertaining (read about some of our creative sushi fillings here). Its Korean cousin, gim bap, is equally perfect for parties. Opt for heartier ingredients such as bulgogi beef and garlic spinach for a more substantial Korean twist on a canape classic. Serve on a platter, garnished with pickled radish for tangy crunch.



Dainty seafood pancakes

Another surefire winner on the party circuit is the Korean seafood and spring onion pancake pajeon. Normally made to fill a whole frying pan, you can elevate this simple snack to party status by making bite-sized versions. Simply chop the prawns or seafood mix before adding to the pancake batter, then use a tablespoon measure to make minis. Serve hot with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, white vinegar, mirin and sesame oil.

Korean Pajeon Recipe

Pick up sticks

From the mouthwatering scent of the barbecue to the ease of eating, everyone loves a chicken skewer at summer events. Why not add a Korean accent to your chicken skewers this year by adding mushrooms, capsicum and a lip-smacking spicy Korean marinade?

Dakkochi Gui (Chicken Skewers) Recipe

Bowls of bulgogi

Party goers cannot live on canapes alone, which is why we like to serve at least one substantial dish throughout the course of the event. Buy some of those cardboard Asian noodles boxes and fill them with steamed rice and piping-hot bulgogi beef, with disposable chopsticks for mess-free eating. The sweet-salty marinade will appeal to all comers.

For more entertaining inspiration, try this easy Korean dinner party menu.

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