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Pep Up With Six Peppery Mains

Turn up the heat and beat the winter chill with six peppery main courses. From easy midweek meals to show-stopping dishes for your next dinner party and flavour-packed snacks while watching the footy, these peppery recipes will put a pep in your cooking routine.

Stir-fried beef with black pepper and garlic

A classic combination, this stir-fried beef with black pepper and garlic recipe is your ticket to a delicious dinner in minutes. For a bigger flavour hit, marinate the meat overnight.

Stir fried Beef with Black Pepper & Garlic Sauce

Salt & pepper squid

Who can resist the allure of golden-fried squid laced with pepper and five-spiced powder? Whip up a batch of salt and pepper squid for an indulgent snack or dinner party starter.


Singapore black pepper crab

Speaking of dinner parties, show your guests you mean business by serving this mouth-watering Singapore black pepper crab, sure to take pride of place on your table.

singapore black pepper crab

Honey-soy beef stir-fry with cracked black pepper

When you’ve only got minutes to get dinner on the table, try this trusty recipe for honey-soy beef stir-fry with cracked black pepper. A complete meal in 15 minutes.

Honey Soy Beef Stir Fry recipe

Black pepper beef stir-fry

Another midweek marvel is this black pepper beef recipe, ideal with delectable veggies or served on top of a steaming bowl of rice.


Black pepper chicken wings

Chicken wings make perfect TV food, so why not make these black pepper chicken wings to serve while watching the footy? Just have plenty of napkins at the ready!

Black Pepper Chicken Wings

For more winter warmers, try these hearty Chinese winter dishes to help you beat the chill.

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