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Pantry Wizard: Three Creative Ways with Satay Sauce

We’re all about saving time and money in the kitchen, while providing authentic Asian recipes the whole family will love. Satay sauce is one of those ingredients we always have on hand, as it opens up a world of possibilities in the kitchen. We love using this rich and robust sauce in everything from marinades to braises to crunchy salads. Take a jar of good-quality satay sauce and whip up three easy Asian dinners the whole family will love.

Use it as a marinade

These Malaysian satay beef skewers get a double treatment of satay sauce. First, use the satay sauce to create a salty-sweet marinade for the tender beef, then serve a bowl of warmed satay sauce on the side to dip your skewers into. You can also use a jar of satay sauce to marinate chicken and lamb skewers for the barbecue.

01 Malaysian Satay Beef_Yeo's

Use it as a salad dressing

For a shortcut version of this Indonesian gado gado recipe, gently heat a jar of satay sauce in a pan – thin the sauce with a squeeze of lemon juice or a tablespoon of coconut milk, if necessary. Serve the warm satay sauce over a bowl of steamed potatoes, fried tofu puffs, hard-boiled eggs, and raw cabbage, cucumber and bean sprouts. Garnish the gado gado with coriander leaves for an easy vegetarian lunch or light dinner.

gado gado salad

Use it as a simmer sauce

By combining satay sauce with coconut milk, you can create a rich braising sauce in minutes. Try this satay-roasted chicken breast or chicken thighs in satay sauce, served with steamed rice and salad greens.

Satay Roasted Chicken Breast Recipe

For more creative cooking tips, find out how to add sambal to everything, or discover clever tricks for using Penang white curry paste.

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