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Pantry Wizard: One Curry Paste, Three Ways

Stuck for midweek meal inspiration? We’ve got your back. Take a jar of Penang White Curry Paste and turn it into three simple yet satisfying dinners.

Inspired by the original White Curry Mee noodle dish from Penang, which is similar to a curry laksa, Lingham’s Penang White Curry Paste is packed with aromatic herbs and natural spices, including galangal, kaffir lime, lemongrass, ginger and nutmeg. Grab a jar of Penang White Curry Paste from the Asian grocery section of your supermarket and get creative in the kitchen tonight.

White curry chicken

Want a one-pot dinner the whole family will love? Whip up a batch of this white curry chicken, served with steamed rice and sugar snap peas. You’ll only need half a jar of Penang White Curry Paste, which leaves you plenty of Malaysian flavour for other authentic recipes.

01 Malaysian White Curry Chicken_Lingham's

White curry laksa

When the Asian Inspirations team visited Penang in April, we were lucky to be guided by Lingham’s owner Mr Yeo to the best street-food dishes in town. One of standouts of the trip was the creamy, coconutty, white curry meewe sampled at the local hawker market. Brimming with seafood, tofu puffs and two types of noodles, it’s similar to the curry laksa we enjoy here in Australia. To recreate this lip-smacking laksa dish at home, why not switch the standard laksa paste in this Malaysian chicken curry laksa recipe for half a jar of Lingham’s Penang White Curry Paste.

01 Malaysian Chicken Curry Laksa_Lingham's

White curry vegetables with tofu and vermicelli

Another highlight of our Penang gourmet tour was the cooking class at the Penang Homecooking School. Here, Pearly Kee taught us how to make a simple dinner using Lingham’s Penang White Curry Paste. Carrot, cauliflower, onion, eggplant and corn went into a pot of water. Once they were al dente, we added some yuba (tofu skin) and a handful of vermicelli. Then, to finish, in went a couple of spoonfuls of Lingham’s Penang White Curry Paste and coconut milk to taste. The result was a flavoursome vegetarian main that was ready in minutes.

Once you’ve tried these authentic Malaysian recipes, Penang White Curry Paste will become a staple in your pantry. For more Malaysian inspiration,read about the different styles of laksa, or find out how to add sambal to everything.

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