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One Ingredient, Four Ways: Eggplant

Eggplant is at its plump and shiny best in the summer months, so it’s high time we shared four of our favourite Asian recipes using eggplant. Try spicy eggplant curries, Japanese-style eggplant with miso, and a light Asian salad with a zesty lime dressing. And because eggplants are in peak-season right now, there’s no need to salt them to remove any bitterness.

Tofu, eggplant and mushroom green curry

Want a nutritious dinner on the table in under 30 minutes? Stir up a batch of this Thai-style tofu, eggplant and mushroom green curry.

Tofu and Mushroom Green Curry Recipe

Japanese wasabi miso eggplant

Eggplant and sweet, nutty miso paste are a match made in heaven. Try this elegant version of miso eggplant as a starter for a dinner party.

Japanese Wasabi Miso Eggplant Recipe

Asian somen noodle salad with eggplant and lime dressing

The flavours of summer are on show in this vibrant Asian somen noodle salad with chargrilled eggplant, crunchy sugar snaps peas and a tangy lime dressing. Perfect for lunches or a light dinner. Choose slender Japanese eggplant for this dish.


Prawn and eggplant sweet and spicy curry

If you’re looking for a mild curry the whole family will love, try this Indonesian-style sweet and spicy prawn and eggplant curry.

Shrimp Eggplant Sweet and Spicy Curry

For more summer produce inspiration, discover the top 10 ingredients with cooling properties.

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