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No-cook Asian Dinner Party Menu

Keep your cool when entertaining this summer by serving this easy no-cook dinner party menu, which showcases the refreshing flavours of Japan, Thailand and Malaysia in three stress-free courses.


Channel the Tsukiji fish market of Tokyo by serving delicate sashimi as your starter. Be sure to order the best quality sashimi-grade fish from your local fishmonger – you can even ask them to slice it for you to save time. Serve a selection of salmon, tuna and kingfish fanned over plates, with finely grated daikon radish, wasabi and soy sauce on the side.


By purchasing a few prepared ingredients, you can create a satisfying main course without stepping near the stove. Buy cooked prawns and a roast chicken from your local store, then toss with zesty herbs, soaked noodles and a citrus dressing to create this flavour-packed Southern Thai salad. The only heat you’ll need is boiling water for the noodles.

Southern Thai Salad Recipe


Now’s not the time to be baking pies and cakes. Instead, take a leaf out of the Asian cookery book by creating a luscious tropical dessert – no oven required! This fruit jelly is a favourite way to finish a summer meal. Just be sure to prepare it a day in advance so it has time to set.

Tropical Fruit Salad in Jelly


We’ve got you covered in the drinks department, too. Complete your meal with a round of Asian cocktails or refreshing mocktails for an evening your friends will rave about.

For more Asian summer inspiration, try Japanese teppanyaki at home, or try our twist on charcoal chicken with this Thai barbecue menu.

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