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Mix Up Your Massaman Curry Routine

Laced with warming spices such as cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, mace and cinnamon, massaman is the sweetest and richest of the Thai curries. Its robust flavour is ideal for slow-cooked curries, but there’s more to this versatile curry paste than you might first think. Discover five fresh ways to cook with Valcom Massaman Curry Paste.

The classic route

Stick with tradition by whipping up this massaman beef curry, enriched with coconut milk, tamarind, potatoes and peanuts. We’ve used beef fillet for a faster version, but if you have more time on your side, consider using a braising cut such as chuck steak for greater flavour and texture – allow 2-3 hours cooking time for best results.

Thai Massaman beef curry Recipe

The restaurant-quality main

If you have friends coming over for dinner this winter, then knock their socks off with this restaurant-style take on massaman, these mouth-watering massaman lamb shanks. Ask your butcher to French-trim your lamb shanks for chef-quality presentation, then garnish with roasted cashews, diced tomato, and cubes of golden-fried potato.

Lamb Shanks Recipe

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The fast-track version

For those nights when you want dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, use a lean cut of meat such as chicken breast, lamb steaks or beef fillet, cut into 2cm cubes, and par-boil the potato in advance.

The meat-free version

While massaman is traditionally considered a meaty dish, you can make an equally satisfying meat-free version. This recipe for vegetable massaman curry is packed with hearty carrots, potatoes and pumpkins, but you can also feel free to add zucchini, capsicum and other vegetables of your choice. To make this a vegetarian or vegan dish, switch the fish sauce for 1 tbsp soy sauce, and seek out a vegan massaman curry paste.


The saucy side

Massaman paste isn’t just for curries, either. Did you know that Valcom Massaman Curry Paste is the secret ingredient in this Thai-style satay sauce recipe for barbecued lamb skewers? Pick up a jar at your local supermarket for a hit of authentic Thai flavour.

Lamb Satay Barbeque

For more Thai curry inspiration, check out our creative recipes using yellow, red, green and jungle curry pastes.

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