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Mild And Mellow: How To Cook With Japanese Curry

More mild and mellow than its Thai, Malaysian or Indian counterparts, Japanese curry is a favourite comfort food dish in Japan. It’s delicate enough to appeal to the fussiest palates – so much so that’s it’s often served as lunch at schools in Japan. It’s so popular that it ranks alongside sushi, ramen and miso soup as one of the national dishes of Japan. But don’t just take our word for it… Discover 10 unknown facts about Japanese curry, then try five fantastic recipes using Japanese curry paste.

Japanese beef curry

A great starting point on your Japanese curry journey, this Japanese beef curry recipe is the ideal family meal for midweek dinners, mild in flavour and ready in just 30 minutes.

Japanese Beef Curry

Japanese chicken curry

For a beef-free alternative, make this Japanese chicken curry recipe, a warming bowl of goodness that will become a family favourite in your home.


Pork katsu curry

Combining crunchy pork tonkatsu with a lip-smacking curry sauce, this recipe for pork katsu curry is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to curry spices – tell your kids it’s a new take on schnitzels and they’ll be hooked in no time.


Japanese curry soba tsukemen

Once you’ve mastered the basic Japanese curry recipes, expand your horizons with this recipe for Japanese curry soba tsukemen, which pairs soba noodles, poached chicken and salad with a luscious curry soup for a one-bowl dinner that ticks all the boxes.


Japanese curried pork buns

Get creative with your box of Japanese curry paste by trying these Japanese curried pork buns. Similar to a Chinese char siu bao, these pillowy buns are packed with a juicy filling of pork, cabbage, carrot and curry spice.


For more family-friendly curry recipes, try 4 quick dinners using Thai curry paste, or 8 easy Asian recipes for curries, stews and soups.

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