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Midweek Dinners: Korean One-bowl Wonders

Featuring soups, stews and stir-fries, these Korean one-bowl wonders are perfect for those nights when you want to curl up on the couch.


The ultimate one-bowl wonder, Korean bibimbap is a satisfying mix of rice topped with egg, marinated meats and a rainbow-hued range of pickled and raw vegetables.


Soonduboo jjigae

A few weeks back we revealed the joys of jjigae, Korea’s hearty soup-meets-stew. We’re big fans of this soonduboo jjigae, chock-a- block with seafood, pork and soft tofu.

Soonduboo Jjigae

Korean kimchi soup

Warming, nutritious and downright delicious, this Korean kimchi and soft silken tofu soup is ready in less than 30 minutes.

Spicy Asian Recipes- soft silken tofu and kimchi soup

Kimchi noodles

Pimp up your favourite Korean noodles with egg, ham, spring onion and choy sum for a warming winter snack or a quick-smart TV dinner.

Kimchi Noodles


This Korean specialty of tteokbokki is a comforting creation of chewy rice cakes, spicy kochujang chilli paste and crunchy cabbage. If you really want to up the comfort factor, smother the finished dish in melted cheese.

Tteok guk

Make a big batch of this nutritious New Year rice cake soup, called tteok guk, on the weekend, then warm it up when you get home from work for a healthy winter dinner in an instant.

Tteok Guk - Korean Rice Cake Soup Recipe

For more easy Asian dinners, discover 6 of the best chicken noodle soups, or 7 satisfying Japanese soups and stews.

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