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Mellow Yellow: Top tips on using Thai Yellow Curry Paste

Think Thai yellow curry paste is a one-trick pony? Think again. Enriched with turmeric, lemongrass and galangal, this sweetly spiced, mild curry paste can be used to flavour anything from grilled lamb skewers to fried rice. Discover a new world of flavour using Valcom Yellow Curry Paste, then pick up a jar from your local supermarket to start experimenting with this authentic taste of Thailand.

Grilled Skewers

Update your barbecue game by making a marinade of Thai yellow curry paste and coconut milk, then use it to marinate these lamb satay skewers or vegetarian yellow curry barbecue skewers, which use Indian-style paneer cheese for a meat-free protein hit.

Lamb Satay Barbeque

Flavour-packed Fried Rice

For an easy one-pan dinner the family will love, use Thai yellow curry paste to season a batch of fried rice. Simply stir-fry the curry paste in a wok, then add meat, cooked rice and your choice of vegetables, such as capsicum, peas and corn, to make this yellow curry fried rice. It’s a complete meal in one bowl.

yellow curry fried rice

Luxe Curry

Take your Thai curries to the next level by using premium ingredients, such as scallops, prawns and Moreton Bay bugs. Ideal for a dinner party, this yellow curry of bugs, sweet pumpkin and tomato is sure to impress your friends – and the mellow flavour of the curry paste won’t overpower the delicate seafood.

Difference between Red, Yellow and Green Thai curries

Family Favourite

For those nights when you want a wholesome dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, you can’t go past a homemade Thai curry. Take the traditional route with Valcom yellow curry paste by making this yellow chicken curry, a speedy meal solution with a mild flavour that will appeal to all ages.

yellow chicken curry

For more on cooking with Thai curry pastes, find the perfect protein for your favourite Thai curry paste, or discover the difference between red, yellow and green curry pastes.

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