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Lucky Number 8: the 8 Great Cuisines of China

Now that you’ve learnt about the eight regional cuisines of China it is time to sample some stand out dishes from each of these regions. So get ready to go on a delicious roller-coaster ride.

Cantonese-style char siu pork

For a classic Cantonese dish at home, whip up your own batch of sticky, sweet char siu pork. If you really want to push the boat out, try your hand at the yum cha staple, cha siu bao.

Char Siu Pork Belly Strips Recipe

Sichuan-style beef hot pot

Turn up the heat with this tantalizing beef hot pot, laced with Sichuan peppercorns and fiery dried chillies. Get the recipe here.


Hunan-style red-braised pork

A dish that’s synonymous with Chairman Mao, this unctuous braised pork dish gets a savoury kick from fermented black beans, dried chilli and spices.

Braised Pork Belly Mao Style Recipe

Shandong-style salty fried fish

In China’s northeast, the Shandong province is known for its salty, fried seafood dishes, such as this simple fried dace with black beans.

Eagle Coin Fried Dace with Noodles Recipe

Jiangsu-style aromatic duck

Drawing on the aquatic ingredients of the region, such as lotus seeds, lily buds and duck, this fragrant braised dish is sure to impress your guests.

chinese braised duck recipe

Anhui-style vegetables

From the wilds of mountainous Anhui hails this robust vegetable dish of hearty mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Braised Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots Recipe

Zhejiang-style silken tofu with crab roe

Known for its mild and mellow flavours, Zhejiang cuisine showcases seafood and crunchy bamboo shoots, like this elegant crab roe starter.

Silken egg tofu with bamboo fungus and crab roe Recipe

Fujian-style fruity fish

Sweet and sour flavours reign supreme in Fujian – try this family-friendly golden fish with pineapple and plum sauce for a crowd-pleasing introduction to this region.

Golden Fish with Pineapple Plum Sauce

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