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Long Play: Four Asian Curries To Cook All Day

During the week, we’re all about the curry adventure, and when the weekend rolls around we love to take our time to brew up an authentic Asian curry over a number of hours. Slow and steady wins the race with these four Asian curries to cook all day.

Beef rendang

Set aside at least three hours to unlock the authentic flavours of beef rendang, an Indonesian and Malaysian specialty that’s well worth the wait. Choose a hard-working cut of beef, such as chuck steak or blade, for a fall-apart texture and depth of flavour.

Beef Rendang Recipe

Roti canai with dhal curry

This authentic Malaysian recipe for roti canai with dhal curry offers you a few levels of commitment – you could buy frozen roti instead of making your own from scratch, but then you’d be missing out on the supreme satisfaction you’ll get from frying up your own flaky roti bread. Instead, get a head start a day in advance and let your dough rest overnight, then cook your roti just before serving. And be sure to soak your lentils overnight too for your creamiest dhal yet.

Roti Canai and Dhal Curry Recipe

Nyonya chicken curry

When slow-cooking poultry, it’s best to choose a cut that’s on the bone, such as chicken drumsticks or duck marylands, to build layers of flavour into the dish. For this Nyonya chicken curry, skip the breast fillets and use drumsticks or thigh cutlets instead to avoid the meat drying out during the extended cooking time. This goes perfectly well with the lacy Roti Jala, where it traps the curry sauce.


Massaman lamb shanks

Lamb shanks are one of our favourite cuts of meat for slow-cooking – and they’re even better when they’re paired with a rich and robust curry sauce, like this recipe for massaman lamb shanks. Beef cheeks would also work a treat.

Lamb Shanks Recipe

For more top tips on slow cooking at home, read Slow and steady: the best cuts of meat for slow-cooked Asian recipes, or try seven Asian recipes that are worth the wait.

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