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Kitchen Tricks: Easy Asian Dinners using a Barbecue Chicken

If you’re anything like us, you’re still recovering from cooking the Christmas lunch! Save time and money when preparing meals for the family this week by picking up a store-bought roast chicken and turning it into six easy dinners. Pro tip: If you’re reheating the chicken, practice proper food safety by ensuring the chicken is nice and hot the whole way through.

Speedy salads

One of our favourite ways to turn a roast chicken into a vibrant summer dinner is by shredding the meat and tossing it through a zesty Asian salad. Packed with noodles, vegetables and herbs, it’s a complete meal in one bowl. Try this Vietnamese rice vermicelli salad, or go the Japanese route with this soba noodle salad, gently reheating the chicken in the teriyaki sauce.


Spendthrift noodle soups

A little roast chook goes a long way when you’re serving it in an Asian noodle soup. Teamed with two types of noodles, tofu puffs, herbs and a luscious curry sauce, this Malaysian chicken curry laksa recipe is your ticket to a quick-smart dinner. Or, make that classic Chinese entrée of sweet corn and chicken soup using just 120g cooked chicken breast. Perfect if you’re watching your dollars following the Christmas splurge.

01 Malaysian Chicken Curry Laksa_Lingham's

Satisfying sushi rolls

Sushi rolls are a sure-fire hit with kids. Make a batch of sushi rice, then place bowls of shredded chicken, cucumber batons and avocado wedges on the bench and let little hands make light work of dinner! For a novel twist the whole family will love, why not try these crispy rice teriyaki chicken burgers.

Crispy Rice Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Quick-smart stir-fries

What’s faster than a stir-fry for dinner? One where the chicken is already cooked! Follow this easy bakmie goreng recipe for tasty stir-fried noodles, but instead of cooking the raw chicken in step 3, simply add shredded barbecued chicken in step 4. That’s dinner sorted in under 15 minutes.

Indonesian Bakmie Goreang with Chicken Recipe

For more Asian recipe ideas to save you time and money, try our creative ways to use Christmas leftovers.

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