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Kimchi – Kitchens Most Versatile Ingredient

Kimchi is one of the most versatile ingredients and is a must have in every kitchen pantry. This spicy, strong and pungent Korean staple is the simplest way to make food more enjoyable and wholesome. The health benefits of kimchi add on to the goodness of this ingredient.

Did you know?

Kimchi is no more just one amongst the many sides that are served in Korean meal. It’s been used extensively by cooks around the world to add that extra zing to their dish.

kimchi - Kimchi – Kitchens Most Versatile Ingredient

Image Courtesy: Craig Nagy used under the Creative Commons Licence

Here is how you can use this exotic ingredient in your day to day meal:

1. While tossing some salad for you lunch or a late evening snack, add a spoonful of kimchi to bowl. It will not just make the salad a little spicy but will also enhance the nutrient quotient of your salad.

2. Have you tried adding some kimchi to your everyday sandwich? If not, then that is what your sandwich has been missing. Gooey cheese with some crunchy spicy kimchi is the perfect and quickest sandwich for winter mornings.

3. Next time you make some cheese fries, do not forget to add some kimchi. Crispy fries, topped with kimchi some molten cheese is simply perfect!

4. If a bowl of warm soup is what you are planning for dinner, then make sure you do not miss adding the magic ingredient .i.e, Kimchi with some chicken and tofu is all you need to enjoy that perfect bowl of soup. Here’s your recipe to make a perfect kimchi soup.

5. All that leftover food from your Chinese order last night need not go to waste. Toss them all together in a wok, add some eggs and kimchi and enjoy a delightful quick meal.

kimchi stir fry - Kimchi – Kitchens Most Versatile Ingredient

Image Courtesy: pelican used under the Creative Commons Licence

Well everything said, wondering how to make kimchi in the first place? Here are 5 simple steps to make your very own kimchi:

  1. Chop fresh Napa cabbage (available in most Asian stores) and marinate with some salt.
  2. In another bowl combine chopped shallots, radish and the marinated cabbage (make sure to drain out all the water from the cabbage)
  3. For the paste – Combine ginger, garlic, sugar and Korean red pepper into a fine paste. To this add any fish based sauce of your choice – fish sauce, oyster sauce shrimp paste etc.
  4. Add the paste to the vegetables and give it a good mix. Transfer the mixture to a jar and press the vegetables and paste until the saline fluid completely covers the vegetables.
  5. Leave the jar in room temperature for the vegetables to ferment. Check on a daily basis if the vegetable are ripe enough for you choice.

There you go! Your kimchi is now ready for use.

kimchi - Kimchi – Kitchens Most Versatile Ingredient

Image Courtesy: Charles Haynes used under the Creative Commons Licence

Here is a recipe on how to make Kimchi pancake in 10 minutes!

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