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Trying to make your kids eat healthy while getting them to empty their plates? Maybe it is time to add a fresh, new twist to your dishes to make them more appealing to the little ones. These four kid-friendly recipes will bring the children back for second helpings of completely healthy and low-on-spice food.

1. Pork dumplings with prawn and chives


This recipe is perfect for kids. This bite-sized dish is not only packed with healthy goodness, it’s also less on spice and easy to prepare. Serve these up at a birthday party or just at a family meal with lots of children. These crowd-pleasers will not only have the kids queued up for more, the adults will want a second helping too. Read the recipe here.

2. Yellow chicken curry

yellow curry

If you’re looking for a quick and easy curry that your kids will love, this is it. This dish is perfect for kids as it’s mild and won’t burn their mouths. This curry is something you can throw together in a rush and is the best way to get your family to eat the veggies. Spices are also one of the best ways to make low-fat dishes flavourful, boosting their nutritional content and creating a filling dish that doesn’t need extra fat to make it shine. Cook up this dish at your next family dinner and watch your kids relish every bite. Read the recipe here.

3. Crispy vegetable & noodle pancake

crispy pancake

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Especially when they are crispy, made with noodles and extremely delicious. This dish is perfect for getting your kids to eat and enjoy their veggies. Quick to make and not high on spice, this dish can be served with a sweet sauce for the kids or a chilli sauce for the adults. The crunchy texture and the bright colours of the dish also work well to attract young attention.

4. Nori maki (sushi rolls)

sushi rolls

Sushi has become a popular finger food for children all over. It is also a great way for you and your kids to cook a delicious meal together. They can help cook the sticky rice and then roll and assemble the pieces with their preferred ingredients. This way they enjoy the dish more as they can call it their own. Healthy and tasty, this dish is something you must-try. Read the recipe here.


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