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How to Use Thai Dried Chilli Peppers

The most aromatic foods come from cuisines which don’t shy away from using spices. Where there’s spice, there’s variety, and where’s there’s variety, there’s unparalleled flavour.

Thai cuisine is one such diverse platter which uses spices better than any other Southeast Asian cuisine. Many herbs and roots, too, provide much flavour and taste to Thai dishes. For instance, even something as simple as a Dried Chilli and Egg Stew is packed with a punch.

How to Use Thai Dried Chilli Peppers
Image Courtesy: Iwan Gabovitch used under the Creative Commons Licence

One of the main ingredients in the above dish is dried chilli peppers. Thai Chilli Peppers are full of flavour and they are also very healthy. Thai Chilliies are pantry essentials to add some fire and flavour to any dish. Here are tips on how to use Thai Chilli peppers and to enjoy them.

Selection and Storage

1. Always choose peppers that are firm. If they have glossy, taut skins, do not hesitate before dropping them in your shopping cart.
2. Do not pick peppers that have dark spots on them, or those with cracks near the stem. Wrinkled ones are best avoided, too.
3. Wrap unwashed peppers in cloth or paper bags and store them in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment. Plastic covers are not something you want to pick, because they encourage moisture formation over the peppers, which will spoil the spices.
4. You may hang the peppers in sunlight to aid the drying process, after which they can be ground to fine chilli powder.

How to use Thai Dried Chilli Peppers

1. Chilli pepper powder can be sprinkled in minimal quantities during the preparation of purees.
2. If you have a good corn bread recipe, add dried chilli peppers to it, and watch the same recipe get better!
3. Adding chilli peppers to youghurt makes it tastier. You can then use the same as a dip or condiment.


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