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How to Make Osmanthus Cake in 5 Simple Steps

The Osmanthus flower symbolises true love, peace, fertility and faithfulness and is an integral part of the Chinese Moon Festival. The Chinese began consuming Osmanthus flowers over 2000 years ago during the reign of Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ). The Osmanthus is a medium size shrub or a small tree that grows slowly and has been growing in China for thousands of years.

osmanthus jelly - How to Make Osmanthus Cake in 5 Simple Steps

Image Courtesy: Dennis Wong used  the Creative Commons Licence

Once upon a time, there lived a wood cutter named Wu Gang. He always wanted to be an immortal and somehow he became one, but soon his greed took over and he lusted more power. This greed of his angered the Jade emperor and he sentenced Wu Gang to live at the Moon Palace and chop the 1500ft tall sweet Osmanthus tree. He said that if Wu gang succeeds in chopping off the tree he would be an immortal again. But the Osmanthus tree has magical powers that help to re-grow every time it has been chopped off.

During the Moon festival the Chinese consume desserts named Osmanthus cake. These cakes are heavenly and the sweet fragrance of Osmanthus is enough to drive the entire family into a frenzy. They are extremely easy to make and can be a fun activity to pursue with your children. As one doesn’t have to be a pro at cooking to make this easy dessert, you can make this with your kids.  Read on and learn how to make osmanthus cake in 5 simple steps.

To make these delicious Osmanthus cakes you will need:

Some Jelly powder, water, Osmanthus flowers, gojiberries and a few jelly moulds.

Five simple steps to make some delicious Osmanthus cakes:

1. Take a large deep pan and heat some water in it.

2. Once the water has been brought to a boil, take the pan off of heat and add the Osmanthus flowers. Let the flowers simmer in the water for 2-3 minutes.

3.Once that is done, add the jelly powder and dissolve it completely, making sure that no lumps are formed. Once this is done take the pan off the heat.

4. Take the jelly mould and place a few gojiberries in each mould before pouring over the hot Osmanthus liquid in.

5. Let this mould sit at room temperature for a few minutes before placing it in the fridge to chill.

 How to Make Osmanthus Cake in 5 Simple Steps

Image Courtesy: See-ming Lee used  the Creative Commons Licence

You can also use  natural food colouring and make the cakes in whatever colours you want to. Or if you want to try something fun with your children pick up a jelly mould with some flower embossing in it and make the cakes in various colours to make an array of colourful flowers.

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