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How to Make Healthy Pork Dishes

Ever wondered how to cook, serve and eat healthy pork? The protein is so popular now that it occupies almost the same space on one’s plate as chicken does. But are you concern about  so much pork affecting your health?

While bacon is high on the fat chart, baked ham and lunch meat rate in the mildly unhealthy section with high salt and preservatives. But like every other meat, pork is can be nutritious when cooked to the proper temperature, and rested before eating.

So how should you ensure your pork is healthy? You can always start by buying pork that has been bred to be lean, which makes it a healthy choice straightaway. In addition to this, you can choose free-range pork raised without hormones and antibiotics.

Of all the cuts of pork you can choose from, pork tenderloin is found to be protein and vitamin-rich while having lower fat content as compared to other cuts such as pork belly or pork ribs. But it can be a fine balance as too as when you use meat low in fat, you have to cook it at the right temperature and time to ensure that it does not become too dry and tough.

If you are tired of heavy stews and soups, try our recipe for Warm Char Siu Salad – a perfect pork salad for a light lunch, picnic or even as a refreshing appetizer.

Warm Char Siu Salad

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