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How to make Chirashi

If you want to try your hands at making sushi rolls but do not have all the ingredients, don’t worry, as Chirashi is the easiest and the simplest Sushi you can make.

It is one of the exotic dishes that is served in most parts of the Japan. Chirashi, alternatively known as Chirashizushi, means scattered sushi or scattered rice. It is served in a bowl of traditional sushi rice topped with a variety of vegetables, raw fish and other garnishes. It is delicious and makes for a filling meal.

How to make Chirashi

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The best part about this dish is that if you are a vegetarian and you were to visit Japan, Chirashi is a good option since you can either make or order a veg Chirashi sans the fish in it. Edomae style Chirashi Sushi is most common type of Chirashi served in Tokyo and at other Japanese restaurants in the US, with assorted sashimi and colorful garnishes arranged beautifully on top of the sushi rice in a bowl.

Making Chirashi does not involve an elaborate process, since there is no set formula for the ingredients. On the other hand, it just involves cooking and cooling the rice and topping it up with any meat or vegetables of your choice. You can season it with spices or a Tsukemono pickle. You can also find chirashi mix, which is available in most of the Asian markets and involves minimal preparation. Lets see how to make Chirashi in the most innovative ways.

How to make Chirashi sushi

Image Courtesy: Kake used under the Creative Commons Licence

How to make Chirashi

Some of the basic ingredients to make Chirashi Sushi includes seasoned shitake mushrooms( you could marinate it in ponzu sauce as an option), seasoned kampyo, lotus roots, fresh and clean fish( salmon, tuna, pacific conch), snow peas, Kinshi Tamago (shredded Japanese omelette), carrots, bean sprouts, Kizami Nori- nori strips or a regular sushi nori will also do and of course the cooked rice. You can also add scallions and boiled baby octopus to enhance the taste.

You could also add spinach, onions, sea urchin, bamboo shoots, hard-boiled eggs and Umeboshi-pickled Japanese plum as a topping.

Some people also prefer using dashi and mirin to cook the veggies and meat, which enriches the flavour. They are cooked in the broth until all the liquid and flavour is absorbed which is finally mixed with rice and topped with nori strips or seasoning of your choice.

So the next time you feel like fish and rice just think of Chirashi and you’ll be done in no time.

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