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How to care for your Asian Chopping Knife

Cutting up food into uniform pieces is one of the most important skills to master in Asian cooking. The meats and vegetables often have to be diced so finely that they almost look grated. This might seem difficult, but once you learn to use a knife, it’s easier than you think.

How to care for your Asian Chopping Knife


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But learning is only one part of using knives. Here are 5 great tips on how to care for your Asian chopping knife.

Keep it sharp

Keep your chopper nice and pointy, and of course, razor sharp. To make sure you don’t ruin the knife, use wooden chopping boards. They don’t do much damage to the blade.

Hand wash your knife

Be sure not to drop your knife into a sink that’s overflowing with dirty dishes. It will get knocked around. This will damage the handle and the blade.

Never chop when you can slice

Some vegetables and meats have to be sliced rather than chopped, especially your beef dishes. So, go in for a smaller knife, instead of wearing out your fine chopper.

Wipe it clean

After a good scrub, make sure you clean the blade with a soft cloth that won’t scratch the blade. Wiping your chopper will prevent the metal from rusting.

Protect it

It might seem odd to protect your blade, but please do make sure that it is stored properly in a wooden stand that’s clean and dry.

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