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High Steaks: Korean versus Aussie Barbecue

Korean barbecue has been hot, hot, hot in Australia for the past few summers, but if you still need some convincing as to why Korean barbecue is flavour of the month, then start by taking your standard Aussie barbecue line-up and giving it a Korean twist. It’s easier than you think…

If you usually cook rump steaks, try…

Korean beef bulgogi. One of the easiest, most accessible Korean barbecue recipes, beef bulgogi is simply strips of beef marinated in a salty-sweet sauce of soy sauce, sugar, sesame and generally apple or pear puree, which helps to tenderize the meat. It’s traditionally served in strips, so slice your standard rump steak into 1cm-thick strips, marinate in the bulgogi sauce, then throw it on your barbecue. Serve it with bread rolls and grilled onions for an Aussie take, or in lettuce cups with fresh herbs and homemade ssamjang chilli sauce for the full Korean experience.

Beef Bulgogi

If you usually cook pork ribs, try…

Barbecued galbi. These meaty beef short ribs will make a great alternative to pork ribs this summer. Create your own marinade following this recipe for Korean barbecued beef short ribs, leave the meat to marinate overnight for the most tender, flavourful results, then fire up the grill for these hefty, hearty ribs. A charcoal barbecue works best for these ribs.

BBQ Galbi - Create your own Korean barbecue at home

If you usually cook pulled pork, try…

Gochujang pork. Even the biggest pulled pork fan can get a bit tired of that sweet barbecue sauce by the end of summer. Instead, make a marinade of Korean gochujang chilli paste, sesame oil, mirin, garlic, ginger and a squeeze of lemon, then use to flavour pork shoulder – cook low and slow for the best results. For a faster version, use pork steaks or chicken thigh fillets and cook quickly over a chargrill.

If you usually cook chicken kebabs, try…

Spicy dakkochi gui. The chicken kebab is a staple of the Australian barbecue. For a spicy Korean take on the classic, thread chicken thigh fillet, mushrooms, capsicums and spring onions onto bamboo skewers (be sure to soak the skewers in water for 30 minutes before using). Then glaze with a Korean spicy barbecue marinade sauce for fiery results.

Dakkochi Gui (Chicken Skewers) Recipe

For more Asian barbecue inspiration, experiment with Chinese char siu pork, or try five flame-grilled Asian barbecue recipes.

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