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Heather Jeong’s Secrets To Tender Beef Bulgogi

Have you ever wondered why Korean beef bulgogi is so meltingly tender? Step away from your meat mallet – Korea’s signature dish gets its trademark texture from one unexpected ingredient. Here, our Korean cookery expert, Heather Jeong, shares the secrets to tender beef bulgogi.

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1. What is the secret ingredient in beef bulgogi?

Pear juice or puree is often used to tenderise and sweeten the meat naturally.

2. Do any other fruits have the same results?

You could use other fruit juice such as apple, pineapple and kiwi, but use only tiny amounts of kiwi (e.g. 1 tsp per 1kg of meat) as the kiwi can turn bulgogi into mush.

3. What cuts of beef are best for bulgogi?

I like to use any lean cut of beef that is used for usually steaks, such as scotch fillet, porterhouse or sirloin.

4. Can you use pear with other meats, such as pork or chicken?

Of course, pear can be used with any meat including pork or chicken. But keep in mind if you are stir-frying, use of pear juice can create excess liquid.

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Cooking tips

Korean beef bulgogi is typically cooked over a chargrill plate, but for an easy version at home you can stir-fry the beef in a wok – just be sure to turn the heat up so the meat doesn’t stew in the sauce.

For a fast-tracked version of beef bulgogi, pick up a packet of Obap Korean BBQ Marinade, an authentic soy-based marinade that contains apple and pear purees.

Or, for more creative cooking suggestions, check out Heather Jeong’s fresh ways to use Korean marinades, including bulgogi tofu or fish.

Why not come up with your own beef bulgogi recipe for our Chinese New Year Cooking Contest? Cook, Snap & Win for your chance to win a trip for four to Thailand valued at up to $29,000!

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