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Healthy Chinese Soups You Should Try

Do you love the sights and sounds of a pot simmering above a roaring fire, with the tastiest Asian ingredients bubbling inside merrily? Do you love the idea of a simple evening in, cosy on the couch with a bowl of soup in your hands? Do you want to know the best one-course meals for a quiet dinner?

Asian Inspirations gives you the best of Chinese cuisine! Here are a few healthy Chinese soups you should try.

Chinese Dumpling Soup

Chinese dumpling soup
Image Courtesy: John Herschell used under the Creative Commons Licence

A perfectly cooked dumpling in itself is quite a treat. Add to a sprig of fresh coriander, a handful of smashed ginger, the slightest splash of soy sauce, lip-smacking chicken broth and minced garlic, and you have found yourself the most nutritious Chinese Dumpling Soup!

Wonton and Meatball Soup

Wonton and meatball soup
Image Courtesy: rockYOface used under the Creative Commons Licence

Full of protein, fibre and unending Asian goodness, this aromatic Chinese soup is the best way to end the day. Soak up some wonderful Chinese cuisine with this bowl full of nutrition.

Assorted Mushroom Clear Soup

Assorted mushroom clear soup
Image Courtesy: su-lin used under the Creative Commons Licence

Mushroom soup is so hearty and warming, it is difficult to refuse it. There is nothing better than this soup on a winter’s night. curl up with a good book and sip spoonfuls of mushroom soup for that perfect warm evening.

Fishball Soup

Fishball soup
Image Courtesy: Robyn Lee used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Chinese love their fish, even if it isn’t deep-fried to a golden brown perfection. This delicious Chinese soup will fill you up with warmth when you need just that!

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