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Healthy Asian Cooking with Five Low-fat Recipes

Chicken soup with coriander, ginger and udon noodles Packed with lean protein, virtuous herbs and a handful of noodles, this nourishing Japanese chicken soup will become your go-to dish this winter.

Chicken Soup with Coriander Ginger and Udon Noodles Recipe

Eye fillet steak with ramen noodles

The Japanese have a knack for low-fat cooking. Using just a drizzle of oil, a mountain of vegetables and slices of iron-rich lean beef, this recipe for eye fillet steak with ramen noodles is the perfect winter warmer.

Eye Fillet Steak with Ramen Noodles Recipe

Steamed coral cod

When it comes to low-fat cooking methods, steaming takes the cake, requiring no oil or added fat. This delicate Chinese main course of steamed coral cod gets a flavour boost from goji berries and its lotus-leaf wrap.

Steamed Coral Cod with Goji on Lotus Leaf

Panaeng pumpkin & lentil soup

A Thai-style take on a winter classic, this Panaeng pumpkin and lentil soup is sure to warm you up midweek. And as it serves up to eight people, you can take the leftovers to work the next day.


Sizzling ginger yakiniku pork skewers

Use lean pork tenderloin fillets and an oil-free marinade to create this low-fat Japanese dish of sizzling ginger yakiniku pork skewers. For an even healthier version, switch the white rice for one of these healthy rice options, and ramp up the greens.

Sizzling ginger yakiniku

For more healthy eating inspiration, discover 8 Cantonese recipes the family will love.

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