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Health Benefits of Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is used in many recipes in Southeast and East Asia. Throughout Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Thailand, sticky rice or Chinese glutinous rice is often the core component of sweets, snacks, breakfast and large meals.

bak chang

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In China, steamed sticky rice is usually cooked with Chinese sausage, chopped mushrooms, barbecued pork, dried shrimp and scallops in a popular dish called Lo Mai Kai. Another popular dish using sticking rice is Bak Chang, where sticky rice and various meats and mushrooms are wrapped in a bamboo leaf and cooked. Sticky rice is also used in bakery products and several varieties of Yum Char (small, bite-sized finger food). Sticky rice is one of the main components in Chinese dumplings, savoury fillings in large leaves, and desserts, including Ba Bao Fan (eight treasure rice), a dish made of lard, sugar and eight kinds of fruits or nuts.

Apart from making your Chinese platter tastier, the health benefits of sticky rice are many. Sticky rice is healthy and nutritious, increasing your mineral and vitamin intake, and boosting your metabolism. Taken along with a bowl of vegetables, and assorted meats and a variety of seafood, sticky rice can improve your health by a mile. Why not try this delicious dessert using nutritious sticky rice with this simple recipe.



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