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Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves

The Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant, which is commonly known as a pandan leaf. It is extensively used for flavouring in Southeast Asian cooking. The plant, though rare in the wild, is widely cultivated. Pandan leaves are fan-shaped, long, narrow and blade-like, and spiral the woody roots of the plant.

Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves
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There are many health benefits of pandan leaves which, along with their use in cooking, are popular for the nutrition they provide.

Nourishing essential oils

Pandan leaves are rich in essential oils, glycosides, alkaloids, traces of tannin and isoprene esters that help promote good health.

Pain relief

Pandan leaves are said to be great pain relievers, and also have laxative properties. They also provide relief from headache, ear pain, chest pain and arthritis.

Reduces cramps

They are traditionally used in reducing stomach cramps and spasms.

Anti-carcinogenic properties

The leaves counteract the effects of a toxins or inhibits the development of cancer.

Other benefits

Pandan leaf consumption can reduce fever, improve skin, and speed up the recuperation of women who have just given birth.

There are many ways in which one can consume pandan leaves. Besides adding them to food as flavouring agents, you can make pandan leaf juice by boiling the leaves. Add pandan to your kitchen, garden as well as your diet and enjoy the great benefits.

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