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Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime

Also known as makrut lime, the kaffir lime is a fruit that is widely cultivated in major parts of Southeast Asia, including countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is used extensively in the cuisines of these countries.

Thai curries and pastes are rich in kaffir limes. The leaves and leaf-stalks are added to salads and soups for the zesty flavour they lend to the dishes. Sometimes, kefir lime juice is also served as an appetiser or a “welcome drink” at casual gatherings.

Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime

Image Courtesy: Robyn Jay used under the Creative Commons Licence

Kaffir limes are also said to be very nutritious. Here are some of the claimed health benefits of kaffir limes.

Kaffir lime juice is often used in making medicinal shampoos that are used to cure flakiness, dandruff and head lice problems. Since it is mild, it is most suitable for children.

The oil extracted from this fruit’s rind is believed to have strong insecticidal properties.

Frequent consumption of kaffir lime juice is said to be very good for the gums, as it cleanses and strengthens them.

Kaffir limes are great for the digestive system. Traditional Thai medicine has many cures for indigestion, and most of these medicines include the rind of kaffir limes.

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