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Health Benefits of Jujube

Jujubes are sweet fruits that are native to Southeast Asia. The fruit’s colour changes gradually from green to red to dark purple.

Health Benefits of Jujube
Image Courtesy: Nate Gray used under the Creative Commons Licence

Jujubes are used extensively in Southeast Asian cuisine. They are used in snacks, purees, soups and desserts in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Apart from their use in sweet and savoury foods, jujubes are packed with sereval health benefits. Ancient people believed that the properties of jujubes had sedative and healing effects.

Here are some of the other claimed health benefits of jujubes.

1. Jujube fruit consists of vitamins A, B2, B1 and C. It is also rich in calcium and potassium. Studies have shown that it also has sodium, copper, zinc and iron.

2. It has been found that the olebolic and ursolic acids found in jujubes consist of healthy levels of antioxidants.

3. People suffering from digestive ailments and appetite problems can eat jujube fruits to great effect.

4. The fruit, when added to tea, creates a soothing effect.

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