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Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is made from white chrysanthemum flower buds. The buds are soaked in hot water, so the tea has a distinct floral taste, just like the flower. Rock sugar can be added for additional sweetness, but the Chinese generally prefer it without the addition of any sugar or sweeteners.

Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

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Many types of tea exist in Chinese culture, but Chrysanthemum tea is said to be extraordinarily refreshing.

Chrysanthemum flowers are considered detoxifying herbs in Chinese medicine. They are said to help clear heat and toxic materials from within the body and act as healers for seasonal allergies. On regular consumption, they are believed to aid in the removal of toxins in the lungs. These sweet flowers are also traditionally used to cool the body during hot summers.

Some of the other health benefits of chrysanthemum tea:

1. Acts as a power anti-oxidant as it is rich in phyto-nutrients.

2. Helps increase body immunity.

3. With its cooling properties, it reduces inflammation, skin allergies, and swelling.

4. Many Chinese believe the nutrients of the flower helps protects the eye and promotes ocular health.

5. It aids in cleansing the liver of its impurities, in turn improving the overall health of the body.

6. It helps protects the skin from cellular breakdown, thereby enhancing complexion and reducing dryness and acne.

Try our recipe and make yourself a cup of chrysanthemum tea – the key to a natural, healthy and beautiful life. Have you got your cup yet?

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