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Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

A wise man once said “There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does”.

And this can be applied when considering bamboo shoots. Every part of the Bamboo plant is used by Asians to prepare delectable dishes, which are healthy as well. Bamboo leaves are often used to wrap dumplings or to line steamers. Segments of bamboo on the other hand make good vessels for cooking rice and other goodies. The young succulent shoots of the bamboo are often added to dishes as a crunchy vegetable. Some of the most popular dishes of which bamboo shoots are part are Spicy Chicken with Bamboo Shoots, Braised Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots, and Stir-fried Bamboo Shoots with Pork.

The benefits of eating bamboo shoots can be dated back to the Tang dynasty.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

Image Courtesy: Allan Reyes used under the Creative Commons Licence

The health benefits of bamboo shoots include low calorie content, low sugar content and minimal amount of fat. One serving of bamboo shoots contains roughly 13 calories and half a gram of fat. So don’t think twice before helping yourself with more than one serving.

Bamboo shoots are high in dietary fibre which is great for digestion. Traditionally bamboo shoots are also known to help cleanse the body of toxins for a stronger immune system.

Here are a few secrets to keep in mind while buying fresh bamboo shoots from the market. The key is the colour and shape of the bamboo shoots. Keep these in mind or they end up being desiccated or bitter. Curved shoots tend to be a little sweeter and the base should be as white as possible. Darker colours usually mean they are not as fresh as whiter ones.

Store them in a plastic bag after soaking up the excess water with paper towels. Do not wash them before storing and use them as soon as possible.

However if fresh bamboo shoots are not available in your area, you can also buy canned bamboo shoots in Asian grocers which are also equally as crunchy.

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