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Go Nuts for Coconut: Five of the Best Coconut Recipes

We’ve long been fans of the amazing health benefits of coconuts, such as improving the digestive system, growing strong bones, and giving you soft, supple skin. To help you boost your coconut intake, we’ve found five of our all-time favourite coconut recipes on Asian Inspirations, which not only taste great, they are also good for you.

Coconut red curry soup with seafood

Take the health benefits of coconut milk and team it with, low-GI bean vermicelli, spicy red curry paste and nutrient-packed prawns and calamari for a warming bowl of coconut red curry with seafood.

Coconut Red Curry Soup with Seafood Recipe - Thai Dish

Chicken coconut soup

Inspired by the classic Thai dish of tom kha gai, this chicken coconut soup is brimming of potent herbs and lean chicken breast. It’s an easy midweek dinner for winter.

Thai Chicken Cococnut soup - 5 Fabulous Thai Menu Ideas for Reunion Dinner

Malaysian beef rendang

For an iron-rich main meal with a hefty serve of protein, make this Malaysian rendang of beef simmered in coconut cream and superfood spices, such as turmeric, lemongrass and ginger.

01 Malaysian Beef Rendang_Yeo's

Steamed fish cakes

These Thai steamed fish cakes promise heart health from the omega 3s, vitamins courtesy of the herbs and spices, and the benefits of steaming, which locks in all of the nutrients.

Thai Steamed Fish Cake Recipe

Vegetable massaman curry

This vegetable massaman curry calls for a colourful array of winter root vegetables, such as pumpkin, carrot and potato, for a lighter alternative to the classic massaman beef curry.


For more on the awesome powers of coconuts, find out how to make your own coconut milk, or learn how to open a coconut.

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