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Give your Lunchbox a Makeover with These Easy Asian Recipes

Save yourself time and money when cooking for the family this week by making these easy Asian recipes in advance and serving them for midweek lunches. If you’re sending these dishes to school with the kids, be sure to include an ice brick or frozen juice box to keep them chilled until lunchtime – and don’t forget to omit peanuts for preschool and school lunches.


For easy midweek lunching, whip up a massive batch of Korean noodle stir-fry,japchae. This versatile recipe means you can add whichever vegetables and proteins you like Serve: Pack the japchae into plastic containers to take to school or work. There’s no need to reheat these flavour-packed noodles as they’re just as delicious cold. Japchae - What Are The Key Asian Ingredients Used In Australia?


Read our tips on creative sushi fillings, then roll up a double batch of nori maki sushi rolls for a light dinner and healthy lunches. Serve: Enclose each roll in plastic wrap, then ensure they are stored in a cool place, preferably the fridge or an insulated lunchbox. Nori maki (sushi rolls)

Soba noodle salad

Asian salads make a deliciously light dinner in spring and summer, and many of these recipes will travel well the next day, like this easy soba noodle salad with wakame. Serve: Pack leftovers into boxes for lunch the next day, adding a drained tin of tuna to each serving for an added protein hit. Easy-Soba-Noodle-Salad-with-Wakame

Vietnamese spring rolls

Kids will love getting hands-on in the kitchen to make these fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, and you can pack them with stacks of nutritious vegetables. Serve: They travel well to school, so long as they’re kept cool. Be sure to avoid peanut sauce if you’re sending these with your kids. Spring Clean - 6 Light Recipe Ideas For more spring cooking inspiration, read our guide to the 10 top ingredients for spring, or try 6 light recipe ideas for spring.

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