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Getting To Know Square Watermelons

We must admit, there is definitely something extraordinary about watermelons that defy the conventional shape. Japanese gardens take this already unconventional fruit and turn it into something more extraordinary.

Square watermelons were introduced in Japan about a decade ago because of space being a problem in crowded areas of the country. These fruits would easily fit into Japanese refrigerators, and at the same time, they could be stacked efficiently. So, storage was no longer a problem.

Squared Watermelons

Image Courtesy: Joi Ito used under the Creative Commons Licence

Growing square watermelons is similar to growing oblong-shaped watermelons. All you need to do is place a tempered glass box around them while they’re still small on the vine. As the watermelon grows, it takes the shape of the box. It is really that easy. All you need to remember is that the box should be made of glass or a transparent mold to allow sunlight on all sides. Using this same technique, square rock melons and other interesting shaped melons have been produced.

Getting To Know Square Watermelons

Image Courtesy: Teodora Atanasova used under the Creative Commons Licence

Although there are no exquisite additional health benefits of the square watermelon, it has two distinct advantages. Firstly, it can be stored easily in refrigerators, unlike their traditional counterparts. Secondly, it is easier to slice as well.

These interesting fruits are also great for parties and entertaining owing to their interesting shape. And if you want to try one, do be ready to fork out more money for it as they can cost more than 5 times the price of a regular watermelon.

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