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Getting to Know Rose Apples

Native to Malaysia and East India, the rose apple does not bear any resemblance to an ordinary apple. Similar to a pear in size and shape, unripe rose apples are dark green in colour and when ripe, the outer skin turns waxy and rose-pink in colour.

Remarkably juicy and refreshing, the rose apple has a woolly texture and tastes like an apple. Low in calories and rich in antioxidants, this fruit serves as a tonic for both the liver and brain.

Rose Apple

Image Courtesy: Larry Oien used under the Creative Commons Licence

While choosing rose apples, select ones that are firm and bruise-free. The colour can vary from dark green to pink, yellow, bright red, or even orange, depending on the variety. A good rule of thumb is to never judge the ripeness of a rose apple by its colour. If it is firm and crisp, you are selecting the right rose apple.

The ripeness of a rose apple is judged based on the time from when the tree blooms. If possible, ask the farmer to get ripe rose apples for you. He’s the best person to help you choose the best fruits, as professional farmers maintain a record of the date.

Here are some of the claimed health benefits of rose apples:

Prevents cancer: Rose apples are great sources of Vitamins A and C, and organic compounds, which have known properties that help in preventing cancer.

Immunity: Rose apples are said to have anti-fungal as well as antimicrobial properties which boost the immune system.

Toxicity: Rose apples are used extensively in concoctions that help significantly in clearing out liver and kidney toxicity.

Digestion: This fruit has high fibre content, which helps greatly in regulating the passage of food through the digestive tract.

Other benefits: Some medical experts have said that rose apples can be used in the cure of smallpox and epileptic seizures, and even aid in cognitive ability.

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