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Getting to Know Lianwu (Wax Apples)

Lianwu, commonly known as wax apples, is a bell-shaped fruit that is cultivated in many parts of Easy Asia and Southeast Asia. Grown during the months of May and November, this fruit is easily available in Asian markets.

Getting to Know Lianwu - Wax Apples
Image Courtesy: Trafalgar Lio used under the Creative Commons Licence

The texture  of lianwu brings to mind a mixture of Asian pear and watermelon, just less dense. Its taste is slightly sweet, slightly tangy, with a distinct flavour that makes it perfect for Asian cooking. It is used it a variety of chutneys and salads.

The colour of this fruit varies from light pink to dark red. Sometimes, it is also purple. In fact, one of the most popular wax apples in Taiwan are ‘black pearls’ which are purplish-red in colour. Healthy wax apples have a brilliant yet light polish over their outer layers.

From the outside, ripe wax apples look like regular apples. However, they neither taste nor smell like apples. They taste rather like snow pears, both juicy and refreshing, but with a loose texture. It can even remind one of cotton-candy!

Asian Inspirations tip: Keep in mind, that while choosing wax apples, ones with closed bottom segments are good, because open holes mean that worm eggs in the fruit are a possibility.

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