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Getting to Know Chinese Leeks

When one sees leeks, one immediately associates them with onions, garlic, scallions and shallots. This is understandable, because leeks looks like large scallions, with tiny bulbs and layered, cylindrical stalks of  layers that taper into green leaves.

Getting to Know Chinese Leeks
Image Courtesy: liz west used under the Creative Commons Licence

With a sweeter, subtler flavour than shallots, Chinese leeks contain a certain distinctive fragrance. The wonderful thing about leeks is that they add great flavour to a dish without stealing away the tastes that emanate from other ingredients.

Leeks are grown throughout the year, but they are at their freshest from mid-spring to the end of autumn, during which most of the flavour is contained in the lower part of the leaf, and the bulb.

health benefits of chinese leeks
Image Courtesy: sanickels used under the Creative Commons Licence

Outside the kitchen, leeks can be put to use in medicine, too, for they are believed to have a few health benefits as well. Here are a few:

Leeks consists of large amounts of ‘Flavonoid Kaempferol’ which protects our blood vessel linings from damage.

Leeks contain of B vitamin folate which is present in every inch of the plant including the leaves and bulbs.

Leeks are great for the heart, and help in purifying the blood.

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