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Getting to Know Chinese Fuzzy Melon

A typical Chinese farm will have any number of exotic fruits and vegetables that will both surprise and delight you. Asian fruits like Dragon fruit are now even used commonly in households.

Much like the fruits and vegetables grown in Malaysia and Thailand, Chinese fruits are very rare and unusual. One such fruit is the Chinese fuzzy melon. These melons are a type of wax gourd. Grown on vines, the cultivation of these melons takes a similar route as that of the winter melon.

 Chinese Fuzzy Melon
Image Courtesy: Rene used under the Creative Commons Licence

The outer skin of the fuzzy melon is white and hairy, with a faintly blocthy skin. The fuzz starts to appear as the gourd begins to mature, but it is harvested when the gourd is still immature, which is 1 week after he crop blossoms.

Fuzzy melons have a sweet flavour. When cooked and tossed with other vegetables, it absorbs their flavour as well, making it the perfect ingredient for a salad.

Asian Inspirations tip: When you’re out shopping for fuzzy melons, be sure to select small, firm ones. The inner flesh has to be soft, but not so soft as to render your dish mushy. You can add this melon in soups, desserts and even some types of pudding.

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