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Get Creative With Thai Green Curry Paste

Did you know that green curry paste is the most popular Thai curry paste in Australia? It seems we can’t get enough of this aromatic spice paste, which lends itself to a range of proteins. But if you want to Thai green curries to the next level, why not try one of these creative ways to use Valcom Green Curry Paste, available in your local supermarket.

Steamed mussels with green curry

The chilli heat and citrus burst of Thai green curry paste works a treat with these steamed mussels. As mussels take mere minutes to cook and are best eaten with your hands, this contemporary recipe is ideal for entertaining. Garnish with coriander, sliced red chilli and fried shallots, then serve with steamed rice or fresh baguette to mop up all that delicious sauce.


Pork patties with green curry paste

Another inventive way to use up that jar of Thai green curry paste in your fridge is to add it to Asian-style meat patties. Try this tantalising recipe for green curry pork patties, then serve with them steamed rice, noodles, or bundled into iceberg lettuce leaves. You could also try mince prawns or chicken.

Thai spicy fried pork patties

Pan-fried barramundi with green curry sauce

Not all curries are created equal. For those nights when you want to impress with your professional plating skills, cook this Instagram-worthy recipe for Thai green curry with barramundi. The secret to this dish’s good looks lies in pan-frying the fish separately, then crisping the skin in the oven, before serving in a pool of green curry sauce.


Chicken and vegetables stir-fried with green curry paste

Want the flavour hit of curry without the soupy consistency? Why not use Thai green curry paste to enhance your stir-fry instead? This quick-smart recipe for stir-fried vegetables and chicken with green curry is ideal served over steamed rice, and it also works a treat with lean pork fillet.

Stir-fried Vegetables and Chicken with Green Curry

For more green curry inspiration, take your pick of four easy Thai green curries.

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