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Get Creative With Seven of the Best Asian Chicken recipes

Versatile chicken is always a crowd-pleaser, but sometimes it can get a little bland. Why not shake up your cooking repertoire this week by trying seven of the best Asian chicken recipes, drawing inspiration from Korea, China, Japan and beyond.

Thai curry noodles with chicken

If you like curry laksa, you’ll love Thailand’s version of Northern curry noodles with chicken, known as khao soi. It’s a mild curry and coconut sauce with egg noodles and tender chicken fillets, and it’s sure to become a firm favourite in your household.

Northern Curry Noodle with Chicken - Khao Soi

Korean dakkochi gui

Whip up a batch of these Korean dakkochi gui chicken skewers for your next barbecue. You can mix up the vegetables: mushrooms, capsicums and spring onions all work a treat.

Dakkochi Gui (Chicken Skewers) Recipe

Hainanese chicken rice

A classic comfort food dish that’s popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Hainanese chicken rice teams delicate poached chicken with stock-enriched rice and a punchy chilli sauce.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Japanese yakitori chicken skewers

Kids and adults alike will love these Japanese yakitori skewers. Serve as a starter to a Japanese meal, at your next weekend barbecue, or with rice and salad for a simple midweek dinner.

japanese yakitori chicken recipe

Indonesian roast chicken

Revamp your Sunday roast with this sticky, spicy Indonesian roast chicken, marinated in a piquant blend of chilli, ginger, kaffir lime and kecap manis. Pineapple salsa makes the perfect accompaniment.


Chinese honey roasted chicken

For another twist on the Sunday roast, try this Chinese honey-roasted chicken. Give the whole meal an Asian accent with a side of steamed rice and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.

Chinese Honey Roasted Chicken Recipe

Malaysian kapitan chicken curry

Make light work of midweek cooking with this quick-smart Malaysian kapitan chicken curry, which combines a good-quality sauce with chicken, coconut milk and vegetables. Ready in less than 30 minutes.

01 Malaysian Kapitan Chicken Curry_Lingham's

For more easy midweek dinners, try our best beef recipes from around Asia, or try family-friendly Chinese recipes.

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