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Get Cracking: Five Asian Crab Recipes for Moon Festival

No Moon Festival feast is complete without a show-stopping crab dish. We’ve taken a trip across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Thailand to bring you five of the best Asian crab recipes for the Moon Festival.

Singapore black pepper crab

Choose sweet-fleshed blue swimmer crabs for this authentic Singapore black pepper crab recipe, a favourite dish from the street stalls of Singapore.

singapore black pepper crab

Malaysia butter crabs

Opt for a meaty mud crab when making this Malaysia butter crab recipe, aromatic with curry leaves and creamy from the surprising addition of evaporated milk.

malaysia butter crabs

Stir-fried crabs with XO sauce and egg noodles

A Cantonese classic, this stir-fried crabs with XO sauce and egg noodles recipe will take centre stage at your next Chinese banquet.

Stir Fry Crabs with XO Sauce and Egg noodle

Fried crabs with Marmite sauce

What’s Marmite doing in a crab recipe, you might ask? Well its sweet-savoury notes add umami flavour to this Chinese dish of fried crabs with Marmite sauce.

fried crabs with marmite sauce

Crab fried rice

For a pimped up take on a Thai staple, try this recipe for crab fried rice, layered with sweet fresh crabmeat, garlic and oyster sauce. No mere side dish, this recipe makes a satisfying main, served with slice cucumber and tomato on the side.

Crab Fried Rice

Discover why hairy crab is a must-have on the menu for the Chinese Moon Festival. For tips on prepping fresh seafood at home, learn how to prepare crab or how to clean and cook a whole fish.

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