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Get Cracking: Nine Savoury Egg Recipes For Easter

Think Easter is all about chocolate eggs? Eggs are symbolic of new life, so get cracking with nine savoury egg recipes for Easter.

Son-in-law eggs

Breathe new life into boiled eggs with this tantalizing Thai recipe for Son-in-law eggs. We love to serve them with soft centres, so the yolk mixes with the lip-smacking dressing of chilli, fish sauce, palm sugar and coriander.

son in law eggs

Chinese tea eggs

These marbled Chinese tea eggs are easier to make than you think! Serve as a snack or with a bowl of wholesome congee (rice porridge).

Chinese Tea Eggs
Image Courtesy: asiansupper used under the Creative Commons Licence

Dried chilli and egg stew

This Indonesian dried chilli and egg stew will warm you from the inside out. Dried chillies add a smoky element to this peppery dish, while peanut butter lends a creamy richness.

Dried Chilli and Egg Stew Recipe

Steamed egg with XO sauce

With a texture like set custard or soft tofu, this Chinese steamed egg with XO sauce recipe makes an elegant starter for your next Asian banquet. It’s similar to the Japanese specialty of chawanmushi.

Steamed Egg with XO Sauce

Fried eggs in chilli and soy

If you’re looking to revamp your weekend breakfast routine, why not try this fiery Indonesian recipe for fried eggs with chilli and soy? It’s perfect with roti bread or steamed rice (and would work a treat with a side of crispy bacon).

Fried Eggs in Chilli and Soy Recipe

Thai omelette

Although it may not be an authentic accompaniment in its homeland, this Thai omelette is great with hot buttered toast for breakfast or a simply supper. For a more satisfying meal, add diced vegetables or prawns before adding the egg. Serve with a splash of hot chilli sauce.


Chinese-style fried omelette

If you’re looking to add more oomph to your omelette, try this Chinese-style fried omelette, stuffed with celery, smoky sausage and spring onion. Serve with rice and stir-fried vegetables for a cheap yet hearty meal.

Chinese style Fried Omelette Recipe


Or, for an authentic Japanese omelette that works a treat in sushi rolls or breakfast bento boxes, master the art of silky-smooth tamagoyaki.


Laksa-spiced pork with fried eggs

Fried eggs make an appearance on Thai tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try this spicy pork laksa stir-fry with steamed rice and a gooey fried egg.

Pork Holy Basil with Laksa Paste Recipe

For more autumn cooking inspiration, try these Malaysian family favourites for easy midweek dinners.

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