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Four Impressive Recipes for a Malaysian Dinner Party Menu

Impress your guests with four authentic recipes for a Malaysian dinner party menu, including wine matches and tips for getting ahead.

Tamarind prawns

Also known as ‘Assam prawns’, this easy tamarind prawn starter calls for just five ingredients. Choose the freshest whole prawns you can find, then peel them, leaving the tail intact. Marinate the prawns in tamarind, sugar and salt for 30 minutes, then simply pan-fry them once your guests arrive.

Wine match: The sweet, tangy flavours of the marinade call for a white wine with a hint of residual sweetness. Try a chilled off-dry riesling with this bold seafood dish.

Tamarind Prawn Recipe

Malaysia butter crabs

There’s nothing more impressive than a whole crab in the centre of your dining table. As part of the main course, serve this delectable Malaysian mud crab flavoured with butter, chilli and curry leaves. It’s best to prepare your crab before your guests arrive, then cook it in a wok just before serving.

Wine match: Reach for a full-bodied chardonnay that will complement the rich, buttery flavours.

malaysia butter crabs

Beef rendang

If you’re catering for four or more people, then make a Malaysian banquet by also serving this hearty beef rendang for mains. You can cook the rendang a day or two in advance, then simply reheat on the stove before serving with steamed rice and roti bread.

Wine match: To match the rich, sweet notes of the rendang, pour a South Australian grenache blend. The hint of coconut from the oak will also complement those coconut flavours in the curry.

Beef Rendang

Mango and coconut mousse

To finish, serve a light and luscious mango and coconut mousse. Prepare the mousse a day before your dinner party, so all that’s left for you to do on the night is turn them out of their molds and garnish with mint leaves and fresh mango.

Wine match: Highlight the mango notes in the dessert with a late-harvest sauvignon blanc, bursting with tropical flavours.

Christmas Mango and Coconut Mousse Recipe

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