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Flame-grilled Asian favourites for Summer Barbecues

Forget the simple sausage sizzle: add flair to your backyard barbecues by looking to the flavours of Asia this summer. Here we share five Asian barbecue recipes that will lift your grilling to the next level.

Thai grilled prawns with tamarind sauce

Don’t just throw another shrimp on the barbie… This summer, make it Thai grilled prawns with tamarind sauce. Tamarind adds a sweet-sour element to this simple dish, with added flavour courtesy of crisp shallots and dried chillies. Plus, it’s easy to multiply this speedy recipe for a crowd.

Thai Grilled Prawns with Tamarind Sauce Recipe

Lamb satay barbecue

Lamb and Australian barbecues go hand in hand, but to give your standard grill an Asian twist, try this crowd-pleasing recipe for Thai-style lamb satay skewers. Save time by using ready-made curry pastes for the marinade and dipping sauce, or make it super-speedy by buying a jar of good-quality satay sauce to use as the dip.


Macadamia chicken curry sticks

This fantastic fusion recipe gives Japanese yakitori skewers an Australian accent by adding crunchy macadamias to a Japanese curry sauce. Try these macadamia chicken curry sticks at your next summer barbecue.

Macadamia Chicken Curry Sticks Recipe

Thai grilled beef salad

Perfect as a light meal or as part of a broader barbecue menu, this Thai grilled beef salad packs a flavour punch, with plenty of fresh herbs and a dressing that strikes a balance between salty, sweet, sour and spicy.

Thai grilled beef salad

Indonesian roast chicken

Once you’ve mastered the art of butterflying a chicken, you’ll never look back. Prepare this delectable Indonesian roast chicken recipe and serve it with a tropical mango salsa for a summer barbecue recipe you’ll want to make time and again.


For more Asian barbecue inspiration, experiment with Chinese char siu pork, or try these five sizzling Asian barbecue dishes.

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