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Five One-pot Meals for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Want to know the secret to easy weeknight dinners? Try one of these authentic one-pot meals. These simple one-pot recipes take the hassle out of cooking after a long, busy day, plus you save time on the washing up!

Lemon salmon stew

This delicate Indonesian stew is perfect for autumn, as it’s hearty enough to beat any chill in the air, but with light, refreshing flavours that won’t weigh you down. Try our recipe for lemon salmon stew tonight.

Lemon Salmon Stew Recipe

Green curry beef

Why bother with takeaway for a quick weeknight meal when you can create your own Thai green curry beef? Just whip out your saucepan for a restaurant-quality dinner in minutes.

Green curry beef

Chicken in satay sauce

Who says you need a chargrill for tasty satay? This succulent one-pot chicken satay recipe features tender chicken thighs simmered in a delicious satay sauce, for a failsafe take on a Malaysian classic.

Chicken in Satay Sauce Recipe

Japanese beef curry

The ultimate one-pot wonder, this mild Japanese curry is ideal for the whole family – and it’s ready in under 30 minutes. Try our easy one-pot Japanese curry for a gentle introduction to spices.

Japanese Beef Curry recipe

Chicken and tofu hotpot

Once you’ve browned the chicken off, bundle all of the ingredients for this warming Japanese hotpot into an earthenware dish, then quickly braise on the stovetop. Find the recipe for chicken and tofu hotpot here.

Chicken and Tofu Hot Pot Recipe

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