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Five Noodle Recipes For Fast Family Dinners

Use your noodle when cooking family dinners this week by whipping one of these fast noodle recipes. From a Chinese take on spaghetti Bolognese to classic pad Thai and Cantonese pork noodles, these Asian noodle recipes will be a hit with the whole family. And you’ll love the fact that these one-bowl wonders are ready in less than 30 minutes.

Minced pork noodles

Looking for a break from Bolognese this week? Why not try this recipe for Chinese-style minced pork noodles instead? The mild, sweet-savoury flavour of the meat will be a hit with all ages.


Char kway teow

Whip out your wok to make a batch of char kway teow, a Malaysian and Singaporean classic of stir-fried rice noodles with egg, prawns and sausage. Serve with store-bought sambal if you want a chilli kick.

Malaysian Char Kway Teow Recipe

Cantonese soy-garlic pork with noodles

This mild-mannered stir-fry of Cantonese soy-garlic pork with noodles won’t scare off younger palates. If you’re kids aren’t keen on mushrooms, substitute with other vegetables, such as baby corn, carrot or snow peas.

Cantonese Soy Garlic Pork Fillet recipe

Pad Thai

A great introduction to Asian flavours, prawn pad Thai is a chilli-free zone, so it’ll appeal to eaters of all ages. You can swap the prawns for chicken breast if you like.

Prawn Pad Thai recipe

Singapore noodles

With its punchy seasoning of curry powder, Singapore noodles are best saved for older kids who can handle the flavour hit.


For more family-friendly recipes, try these 30-minute Chinese dinners or five kid-friendly Asian recipes.

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