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Five Creative Sushi Fillings for Spring Lunches on the Run

Sushi has become our go-to take-away when we want lunch on the run. This spring, instead of joining the queue at your local sushi joint, why not make your own rolls at home.

Close-up of vegetarian sushi

Unless you’ve got an ice-cold chiller bag or easy access to a fridge, we wouldn’t recommend taking raw seafood to work or school, but there are plenty of other filling options for light and healthy lunching.And the best part? Once you’ve mastered the art of rolling sushi, you can go to town on the combinations. Here we share five creative sushi fillings for spring lunches.

California rolls

The great all-rounder, California rolls are typically filled with cooked prawns, fresh vegetables and sweet Japanese mayonnaise, making them the a crowd-pleasing sushi for all ages (hint: skip the wasabi for youngsters). If you want to shake things up, switch the prawns for shredded roast chicken or marinated tofu.

Japanese california rolls

Spicy tuna

For a spicy take on your standard tuna roll, mix drained tinned tuna with kewpie mayonnaise and a sprinkling of shishimi pepper (Japanese seven-spice pepper). Add cucumber batons and thin wedges of avocado for added crunch and creaminess. If you can’t get your hands on the Japanese pepper, add a dash of wasabi or your favourite chilli sauce.


The slightly sweet Japanese omelette is another winner for transportable sushi. Make a thick, fluffy omelette, flavoured with a dash of soy, mirin and dashi stock, and a pinch of sugar. Cool then omelette, then roll up with grated carrot, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and a dollop of cranberry sauce. For a Korean twist, why not try this gim bap recipe with omelette and bulgogi beef.


Schnitzel or teriyaki

Another popular choice for kids, bundle leftover chicken schnitzels, pork tonkatsu or teriyaki chicken into sushi rolls with lettuce, cucumber and barbecue sauce.


Cream cheese, salmon and chives

Fancy the idea of breakfast sushi? Why not take your favourite bagel filling and give in the Japanese treatment? Spread your sushi rice with a generous amount of cream cheese, then topped with smoked or tinned salmon and a generous sprinkle of snipped chives.


For more on Japanese sushi, read 10 surprising sushi facts you never knew.

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