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Five Asian Food and Wine Matches for Chinese New Year

If you’re entertaining over Chinese New Year, follow our tips for matching Asian food and wine for a memorable meal.

Steamed coral cod

A whole fish, with its head and tail intact, is a symbol of completeness and abundance. Serve this steamed coral cod with goji berries as the centerpiece for your Chinese New Year reunion dinner – just be sure to point the head towards your elders as a sign of respect! It’s perfect with a savoury rosé.

Steamed Coral Cod Recipe

Seared scallops with fried nori

Scallops are our go-to starter when we want to impress. Serve these Japanese-style seared scallops with fried nori with a crispy chardonnay.

Seared Scallops with Fried Nori & Pickled Ginger

Japanese chicken balls

As they resemble gold nuggets, these Japanese chicken balls will bring good fortune to your Chinese New Year table. Pair them with a citrusy pinot gris.

Golden Chicken Balls Recipe

Glutinous rice with Chinese sausage

Studded with salty-sweet lap cheong Chinese sausage, this glutinous rice recipe will leave your guests feeling satisfied – even more so when you serve it with a pinot noir.

5 basic Chinese cooking tips

Indonesian style fish

Delicately flavoured with garlic, ginger and lemon, this light Indonesian-style fish recipe works a treat with a fragrant, fruity Verdelho.

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